Photo of Father Gary Szczepankiewicz, Pastor

Father Gary Szczepankiewicz

(716) 693-3822 ext. 111

Parish Staff

Photo of Deacon John Steiner, Pastoral Associate and Ministry of Care Coordinator

Deacon John Steiner

Pastoral Associate/Ministry of Care
(716) 693-3822 ext. 112
photo of Mary Walkowiak, Secretary

Mary Walkowiak

Parish Secretary
Photo of Debbie Kwarciany, Bookkeeper and Coordinator of Volunteers

Debbie Kwarciany

Bookkeeper/Volunteer Coordinator
(716) 694-6080
Photo of Kathy Kokanovich, Director of Faith Formation

Kathy Kokanovich

Faith Formation Coordinator
(716) 694-3644
Photo of Linda Herdlein, Faith Formation Secretary

Linda Herdlein

Faith Formation Secretary
(716) 693-3822/(716) 694-3644
Photo of Donna McCrohan, RCIA Director

Donna McCrohan

RCIA Director
(716) 807-8388
Photo of Katie Spadaccia, Youth Director

Katie Spadaccia

Youth Director
(716) 692-0276
Photo of Brad Wingert, Music Director

Brad Wingert

Organist/Choir Director
(716) 9303533
Photo of Carlos Rivera, Buildings & Grounds

Carlos Rivera

Building & Grounds
Photo of Jeanette Woodward, Liturgical Environment

Jeanette Woodward

Liturgical Environment
Photo of Shannon Kish, Parish Social Life Coordinator

Shannon Kish

Social Life Coordinator
Photo of Katelyn Mistretta, Wedding Coordinator

Katelyn Mistretta

Wedding Coordinator