Faith Formation Policies and Guidelines

We comply with State and Diocese requirements regarding Covid-19.

Please see their websites for the updates

Child/children must be registered every year. Forms are available in the office and also by visiting our All first time registrants must submit a copy of each child’s baptismal certificate.

Class Time
All classes are held on Sunday mornings from 9:00am -10:15am. Please be prompt. 

Students are urged to attend all classes. If your child is absent please notify the Faith Formation Office at 694-3644. Missed work must be made up to the teacher’s satisfaction. In the event of a long term illness please contact the Faith formation office so arrangements can be made to keep your child up to grade level. Regular class attendance is a must for your child to develop a solid foundation of their Catholic faith.

Mass Attendance
Weekly attendance and participation at the Holy Mass helps to develop a better understanding of the catholic faith. Students in K-8 should complete the Mass attendance cards and drop them in the collection basket each week. Students in grades 9&10 will use the sign in book located in the church for Mass attendance. If your child attends the Holy Mass elsewhere, please bring in a bulletin from the church attended. Be sure their name and grade are written on the top of the bulletin. This can be given to their classroom teacher or the office secretary.

Please note: cards are not required during the Covid-19 restrictions.

Time For the safety of the students no one will be allowed in the school until 10:10 am unless an early release has been requested. Only door #3(near the Ministry Center) should be used to enter the building. When picking up children in grades K – 4 they will remain in their classrooms until a parent, guardian or designated person comes for them. No parking is allowed on the south side of Center Ave. (school side) Please observe this parking rule for the safety of the children. 

Please note: with the Covid-19 restrictions, the children are dismiss according to Families’ names.

Early Release
If a child needs to be excused from class early a written note signed by the parent must be given to the teacher at the beginning of the class. Parents will need to stop in the office and sign the early release log and wait for the child in the office.

Medical Emergencies and Medications
In case of an emergency we will notify either parent or the emergency contact person on the registration form. Medication cannot be dispensed by anyone associated with the Faith Formation program.

Children’s Liturgy
The first Sunday of each month at the 10:30 the Holy Mass, students will have an active role in the Liturgy. Each grade level volunteers to act as lectors, gift bearers, greeters and ushers. Please check the schedule for each grade level’s turn.

Please note: no Children’s Liturgy during the Covid-19 regulations.

Building Rules
Show Christian courtesy to all. Respect the property that is given to you. No running, shoving, or pushing is allowed. Students must be supervised by an adult whenever in the building.

Cell Phones
Use of cellphones and other electronic devices during class time is prohibited.

Dress Code
Everyone should be dressed neatly. Remember to dress with dignity and respect for the human body when making clothing choices.

First Offence – students will receive a verbal warning from their teacher.
Second Offence – The student will meet with the teacher and the coordinator. Parents will be contacted for a conference and be advised of the behavior before the student is admitted back into the class.
Third Offence – a) The student may continue to attend class with the parent present for 1 or more sessions or b) The student leaves the class for the remainder of the year. 

Sacramental Programs
First Reconciliation generally takes place in the second grade. Children receive their First Eucharist in the 3rd grade. Preparation for Confirmation requires 2 years of high school Faith Formation classes. The sacrament is received in the 10th grade. Sacramental preparation classes, stewardship and a retreat are required by the diocese before receiving the sacrament. Catholic school students are required to attend the Confirmation Prep classes, participate in stewardship activities and attend the retreat before receiving the sacrament.

In order to convey the message that time, talent and treasure are essential components to the Catholic lifestyle; age appropriate apostolic projects are included at each level of Faith Formation. Many of these projects will occur in class while others are part of the student body supporting the church community in the activities planned by the various parish groups. Participation in these stewardship activities is required. 

Each student will receive an assessment twice during the year from their teacher. (January and April) these assessments are not to grade your child, but to help determine where they are on their faith journey. This evaluation also includes participation in stewardship activities, class and mass attendance.

Each student will be supplied with a text book, paper, pencils, and other materials needed to complete classroom activities. If homework is assigned be sure to return it when it is due.

Weather Related Cancelations
If classes are to be cancelled watch the following TV channels; WGRZ Channel 2, WIVB Channel 4 or WKBW Channel 7. Listen to WBEN radio 107.7 or STAR 102.5