Adoration Room


Our adoration room is located inside the Ministry Center, 57 Center Avenue.  It is open every Tuesday from 9AM to 8PM.  Come and spend some quiet time with the Lord.

Altar Servers

Altar servers assist the priest at the altar during all weekend liturgies and special holidays and holy days.  Altar servers will also act as candle bearers leading the processions in and out of Mass. All boys and girls who have made their First Holy Communion are invited to train and serve in this important liturgical role.  Contact Father Gary if you are interested in becoming an altar server.

Adult Altar Servers

Adult altar servers assist the priest at the altar during funeral liturgies.  Duties include carrying the processional cross, incense, carrying the holy water container, as well as setting up the items needed for the funeral liturgy.  This ministry focuses on the need to serve during a difficult time in the life of a family.  Serving is open to all men and women of the parish.  Contact Father Gary if you are interested in becoming an adult altar server.


The purpose of this ministry is to reverently proclaim the Living Word of God to His assembled people.  By communicating the fullest meaning, emotion and message of the passage, and through the use of voice, attitude and physical posture, the lector conveys the dignity and sacredness of the Scriptures.  Lectors seek to grow in love and knowledge of the Word of God in order to proclaim it with sincerity and conviction. Please contact Cozette Bayer at (716) 692-2934 for more information.

Eucharistic Ministers

The people involved in this ministry assist the priest in the distribution of the Eucharist while showing the greatest reverence by demeanor, attire and manner in handling the sacred species of bread and wine. The Eucharist is truly and substantially the body, blood, soul and divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ.  A mandatory training class is required.  Contact Father Gary if you are interested in becoming a Eucharistic Minister.

Music Ministry

At OLC, we are blessed with people who have a variety of musical gifts and talents.  Bruce Woody, our music director, strives to bring a variety of music and talent to enhance our liturgies.  The choir features both traditional and contemporary music generally accompanied by our Wurlitzer organ. From time to time the teenagers of our parish join Bruce at the piano during Sunday 10:30AM liturgy. The more the merrier, please come join us!

Music Ministry Allows You to:

  • Provide service to the parish and community
  • Enhance liturgy and special celebrations with music
  • Work with others who share your love of music

If you’d like to share your musical gifts with the parish please contact Bruce Woody (716) 830-4162 for more information.  All are welcome, no matter what your talent.

Liturgical Environment

The purpose of this ministry is to provide for the physical decoration and beautification of the liturgical space throughout the year. Special care is taken to convey the season and solemnity through the use of flowers, fabric, lights, candles, displays and other elements that convey the depth and sacredness of time itself.  Liturgical environment takes great care to enhance the seasons of Ordinary Time, Advent, Christmas, Lent, Holy Week, the Sacred Triduum, Easter, Pentecost as well as Marian feasts, holy days and special parish events.

Prayer Requests

If you have a special prayer request, you may write it in our book of prayers located in the church. Your request along with all others in the book will be specially prayed for during Mass.

Funeral Liturgy Preparation

This ministry serves as the point of contact between the families and individuals who have suffered the loss of a loved one and the parish community itself.  This ministry meets with families to discuss funeral Mass protocol, select readings and music, call and coordinate adult altar servers and musicians and provide the necessary information to the priest and all those involved in the funeral liturgy.

Bereavement Ministry

The bereavement ministry seeks to be there for one of the most difficult times in the life of a family, the death of a loved one.  Bereavement coordinates and meets with the funeral liturgy preparation ministry, organizes a bereavement luncheon for the families of all of our parishioners whether living at home, in a nursing home or living out of town with family members.  We also offer this to non-parishioners.  Minimum of 25 to a maximum of 125 people.

Volunteers to this ministry help in many ways.  There are those that set up, serve the luncheon, clean up and those that make sides or desserts for the luncheon.

For more information contact Dolly Koszelak (716) 692-1857 or Carm Bourdage (716) 692-0359.

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